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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
7:57 pm - Band Camp
So this weekend I had Band Camp!!! I was so excited for it, but when I got there, I remembered how much work it involves and how much it hurts. lol
So I brought a TON of stuff compared to everyone else which was funny, but entertaining. My weekend involved about 12 hours of marching JUST on Saturday :S
A sweet new cadence that Mike wrote :D Now everytime we play it, I think of the Cha Cha Slide. If you heard it, you would think of it too. We also learned a new move for El Gato which is pretty cool, but I still like YMCA the best because Amanda and I have a reason to dance crazy with our bass drums on and not have people think we're insane!!!
So yeah, I think everyone thinks Amanda and I are completely nuts because whenever we're together, there is no stopping us. Over the weekend, we...sat down and sang Row Row Row Your Boat, made funny faces while saying "Ahh The Gangstas are commin!", rubbed noses, she grabbed by ass infront of two little boys not knowing they were standing behind us and we were holding each other because we were cold and because she was sore, so we were also stretching at the same time and making these REALLY wierd noises. haha it was really funny because people were turning around and were like "*raises eyebrow* what are you DOING!?!"

                                                If that made no sense...sorry. 

Hmm what else happened.  Amanda, Heather, Amanda M. and I all showered together because there was only one shower working in the girls changeroom.  We played Jenga truth or dare which was sweet.  haha I serenaded Jason and did a sweet army roll into the sleeping area where all the guys were playing poker. : )  Amanda bellydanced for us and other funny things happened that I'm sure should be told.  lol Ohh I called Anthony after lights out to say goodnight because I couldn't just walk over and do it and watched him and Tyler have a lightsaber battle with their glowsticks.  The glowsticks we had broke and just got everywhere!!! So Amanda M., Heather, Sarah and I had funny making things glow and writing on ourselves. There was movie making, the amazing race where my team got 3rd place!! Guitar playing and sing alongs and sadly quite a few tears shed. I must say it's REALLY wierd waking up at like 6:30am everymorning.

Now onto the important stuff!  I won marching elimination so I have been named this years band camp Marching Queen!!! :D  I'm so happy now.  Right before we did it I was like, man, I hope I at least make it to top 10.  So, I won a mug, a snickers bar and a camping chair which is sweeet!!!  haha and for some reason they gave me a prize for person who needed the best massage.  or something like that.   I spent the weekend giving everyone massages, and "Once you get a Diana massage, you never go back (to a massage parlour)"  I thought that was cute.   So yeah, band camp was sweet, and there is way to much to write.   Now to wait for my pics to upload *impatiently taps fingers on mouse pad*  Well, those are taking too long so I will do that shizzle later on.  
Time to go finish some chem before I finish the rest of this entry.  

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
11:01 pm

So this weekend was prom at Belle River!  
It was SO fun. : ) 
I was so excited when I saw that the pics were finally up.   Here are a few portraits.
Sorry about the Proof  stuff. lol

Craig and I

Top: Kreg, Ryan,...dont know, Craig, Mike, Kyle, Doug and Bryce
haha I don't know the guys on the bottom, but the one on the right is from Toronto

Such a cute couple of Kyle and James hehe

So yes, Friday was sweet.  First was pictures at Beach Grove, and as soon as I get them I'll put them up.  Then we went to the Caboto Club where the food and dj was late haha  Next was the party!!! from 12:30am-3am and then the group went to Doug's to go to sleep, and sit around the campfire.  I had to leave though and got home at 4am.  I don't think I've ever been allowed to stay out that late.

HAHAH there's this 80 year old guy on Jay Leno who is sweeet!!!!  He just wrote a love poem and it was so funny.  And he just beat Leno at ping-pong. 

Anyways, time to finish my math homework.    Later



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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
2:37 pm
No school today. Which means boredom at home. It sucks when you can't drive and you had to be somewhere 8 minutes ago. Sorry Meg. Well, the rest of the year looks like it will be very interesting and a lot of fun. This also means that I will have less time to hang out with people one-on-one which REALLY sucks. I like doing that because I tend to talk more that way than when I do in a big group. First off, Happy Birthday Micah! :D You've been a big inspiration to me in more ways than you know and I hope your day is amazing. Tomorrow is the Kennedy Semi Formal!!! :D Nathalie will be my date and our prospects are to be the cutest couple there.  We may possibly hang out before which should be a LOT of fun.  Pride and Prejudice?  I will get to reinact my meeting with Julia. I can't wait for tomorrow. I think I'll eat on the front lawn/side walk again. And I've decided not to pull an allnighter and work the bingo from 2am-8am because I would totally be drained for Serena's birthday. Saturday morning is band practice at Massey. I love going there and exploring the school. Somehow I need to find time to finish filming with Meg and go to Serena's birthday. :/  Hopefully I can do something on Saturday. The week after is Senate Gala!!! Woo I can't wait. I'm excited to see the dance that Colin has made up. And the week after that is the Belle River prom. Luckily I get to hang out with everyone in the GT crew.  Should be amazing!   Band Camp May 19th.                 The Price is Right                           30hr Famine and Clipperfest. So much more.   I need to find something to do tonight.  And I'm hungry.  Anyone know what Spirit Day is it tomorrow? Love, Diana<3

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
5:38 pm - Tagged?
Ahh Clayton!  I thought you were my friend. : ( lol  soo...he tagged me and now I must write six of my bad habbits...
Bad Habit #1 : Overthink things way too much!  Like...look real deep into something when its meaning is in fact quite simple.
Bad Habit #2 : I always think of completing something early, but end up waiting until the last minute most of the time to finish what I wanted to do.
Bad Habit #3 : Going to bed REALLY late at night.
Bad Habit #4 : I don't like it when people judge other people, yet I'll say I like or dislike someone without getting to really know them first.
Bad Habit #5 : Sneaking up behind people and scaring them half to death because I am a silent walker.  "walk like a ghost"
Bad Habit # 6 : Always looking at the bad paint job I did for my brothers room...where the walls and ceiling connect.  You may not notice it, but I do. lol 

How could I forget to TAG some others to join in the..err...fun. 
heather, amanda, marybeth, chris, anthony and jon.  Ooo have fun. lol

Jeeze, I'm weird.

Anyways, today was another good day.  I'm at my bro's visiting him.  He and his girlfriend rolled up into the driveway with their ghetto music on EXTREMELY loud.  I am presuming it was John Cena. haha and they walked in laughing about how funny they can be. hahah  No homework!  Finally, after forever of staying up really late to finish it.  More like...2 days, and late nights during the March Break.  But still, its comforting to know that I'll be able to go to bed early tonight.   I promised my brother that I'd cook him dinner tonight, so I'm gonna go start that up.  


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1:16 am - Good Morning Sunshine!
Today was amazing! The most I've laughed in a long time. I actually laughed so hard, that at 2 points I had to stop and lean against something because my chest hurt so much. Also, I began to tear, and lose my voice. If you've experienced this, you know how intense those laughs where.
Since it's extremely late, I'll do this point form. 
-Mr. Alfano being sweet again. 
Mr.Alfano *takes a piece of gum out of his mouth* "I'll give my gum away to the person who can answer this question correctly"
Jeff finally answers the question correctly and Mr.Alfano continues on with the lesson.
Jeff "Mr.Alfano! Where's my gum?"   
SO...Mr.Alfano took the gum out of his mouth, handed Jeff the gum and eww hahah Jeff actually took the gum and began chewing on it.  And it's not like he was trying to make everyone laugh, he took the gum and kept it for the next 2 periods.
-stopped by to listen to Guilt Trip practice, left them a post-it note and apparently, Doug taped it to his amp. :D
-went to Meg's and watched a bunch of amazingly filmed music videos.
-went to McDonalds to see Carly for her birthday. Bought Nate dinner. haha now he knows not to say no to me...man, that doesn't work, I spent like...$4 on the kid.
-saw a tree that looked like it was biting a wired fence. haha "It's going mmm fence!" and for some reason, Nate wrote it like 'Haammm' ahh too funny.
-filmed a section of the film fest video Nate and I are submitting at Kennedy. Too bad Meg doesn't go to our school, or else people would think she was crazy and sweet too! :P
-Nate's dad yelling up into Meg's window "NATE!!! Didn't you hear me knocking!?!"
Nate-no, we were filming something in Meg's room
Nate's Dad-Well, you're wearing pajamas (really girly ones), you have a camera and you're in a bedroom with 2 girls, I won't ask what you are doing
Me-Eh? But I was ALSO wearing my spy gear.
-Meg-Diana! You made your gasp of breath sound like you were a ghoul! This isn't a horror film
-getting lost in Meg's covers (I never knew blankets could be so complicated)
-hahah Meg and her plants. Too much to write about. Ahh Meg, this is why you are so neat. "Drink up!"

hahah wow, I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep now. BUT! All of you who are wondering "Hmm, I wonder what Diana could be laughing so hard about and why this entry is so confusing?"
well! You should go check out the Kennedy Film Fest on March 30th because it'll be sweet, and you will then understand! And you'll get to see my insane video...which is not yet complete haha. I'm sure Meg will do wonders with the editing. I'll give you 3 hints. 1) Spy Games 2)Ninjas and 3)Backwards
I am going to die if I don't go to sleep soon. So goodnight!


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Sunday, March 19th, 2006
2:06 pm

Last night was amazing!  A little rough at some points.
I was a therapist in Tyler's room for a short while. I'm glad I'm close enough to the guys to talk about anything. But yeah, overall it was amazing. Good ending to an already sweet march break. I guess all that's left to do is sit back and chill with a few friends...or at least talk to them on msn. lol
Happy Birthday again Tyler and Jesse!  Hope you enjoyed your cards and coke.

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Friday, March 17th, 2006
2:10 pm - Crystal Mountain
So, there is quite a bit written so I thought I'd just shorten it down by the days.  My march break was sweet!  Too much to write..so this is the...shorter version. lol 




I have to go home.  Wednesday will be updated soon.  Tonight Jeremy is coming over to watch Lord of the Rings.  So we can finish watching the trilogy.  lol  the TOMORROW!!! Tyler and Jesse's house show/party haha   Can't wait.  Busy day. Band in the morning, laundry from vacationing..still. : /  Hang out with Jon, then it's off to the party.  SO excited!  I should bake something.  

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Saturday, March 11th, 2006
2:34 pm
So...I have no idea what I have to pack to go snowboarding.
And I've been getting stuff for about 3 hours now. : /
This morning was sweet. Went to band. Mike made us memorize Aztec Fire because he was jealous that the trumpets memorized this song before us.
All the guys and Marybeth are going to London tonight for the Guilt Trip show. I wish I could go.
haha well I'm off to go find...
something new
something old
something borrowed
something blue
something fun
..and then some crayons
You'd think I was getting married!
Miss you!

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
6:13 pm - I passed the bitch test
Long day. I ended up falling asleep at like...2:30am which really sucked, I need to wake up early to help my mom. Everything in school is slowly piling up.
This morning was normal. Maya came into biology for a little while during her spare and I was Jonna, Tino and Sabrina's balloon measurer. Then in the afternoon, I had co-op, so I was unable to see Anastasia's play again. Co-op just seemed really long. It was Debbie's birthday which was fun.
Ahh and I didn't take my dad on his offer to pick me up because he knew it would rain. So, I walked. And I got soaked. lol I love the rain, except when I have to go somewhere where I may possible have to live with the fact that my pants will be wet for the rest of the night. Luckily, I got to my grandparents house and got to dry my pants. :D Also quite awkward. Hahah it reminds me of Seinfeld when Kramer puts his clothes in Jerry's oven to warm them up. Ooh he was so right about the feeling. I've never felt so good putting on clothes.
I also became more aware about things today. I noticed how some people act around others. How my life is so amazing. At lunch I hung out with Jonna and we decided that we didn't really want to go outside in the rain to pick up garbage so we talked and at in the change room...and at one point during chemistry, ended up talking about less fortunate people, PETA and how cruel some people can be. And on the bus home, we stopped for a little while because a car accident right beside us. Luckily no one was hurt, and it was interesting watching everyone's emotions about this. I don't usually talk to people I don't know on the bus, but people tend to open up in such situations.
So tomorrow, I'm not going to London with the GT crew, which means I'm in Windsor with nothing to do. Anyone want to do something? Only 3 days until I leave for the states where I get to snowboard for a few days. I've been waiting all year. I still have a movie and pics from last year. Quite humorous. Maybe I'll see the leprechaun like man with all the jokes. :P Make up a few songs. Who knows. I don't. I just know it'll be sweet. Especially if Brandon and Justin are coming. Cam and I decided it would also be sweet if we each broke something to show off when we came back. I'm thinking my wrist again. Sound good? hah well, I am hungry!

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
5:13 am - What kind of pork is this? mmmm*thinks* steak?
Tonight was sweet!
Went to see Firewall with Jonna and Anastasia. My favourite part was when I did my impression of Harrison Fords smile. Ohh yeah! Dane Cook! Went to Starbucks, then off towards Jonnas house where along the way, Jonna, Anastasia and I would have to stop to catch our breath from laughing so hard. Since we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to call Jon to see how his Friday was and to see if he wanted to chill on his porch. Checked out Jon's new XBox 360! o_O hahah So yes, Fun fun night. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

I've also noticed that a lot of parts Harrison Ford takes are the strong, fighting role where he gets to kick a million people's asses by HIMSELF! And then of course saves the world...or something just his family.

Only 11hrs and 30 minutes till I get to leave for the Guard Show in TROY!!!! Woot! I'm so excited. Get to walk around a school and be envious of their sweet music room. AHH i'll remember to take pictures so you realize how envious I am of them being American and having sponsors and such. *shakes fist* Last years drumlines were sweet. Hopefully it''ll be just as sweet..or better. Maybe they'll have a hanging quad player, playing his quads (what else lol) upside down again...who knows! I'm such a band geek.... Ohh and anyone like to join? There will be walking tacos!

Well, I am off to practice some music...maybe *shrugs* LOW RIDER lol Ahh I love the new line Mike wrote for us for the breakdown. : ) Ahh how I also love British tv programs.

Nighty night,

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
11:17 pm
Apparently I'm singing O'Canada tomorrow morning on the announcements.
Why does Mrs.Nantais ask such things of me? *raises eyebrow*

Going to see Grease at Brennan tomorrow!!! Should be sweet. Especially if Amanda is in it. ;)


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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
2:52 am - You'll turn into a caffeine bean! You'll turn into a cafeteria! You'll turn into a baby cow!!!
Physics was sweet. Learned about waves and made up stories about Mr.Alfano.
Soo...Mr.Alfano was of course a boy genius. In grade 3, he built an object which could be hooked up to a motor to show how waves work. Then in Grade 4, Mr.Alfano built an object which could show waves using a frequency monitor, a long stove pipe, many drilled in holes and a lot of gas and fire. I reminded me of a big recorder with a closed in end. hahaha. Nate and I asked Mr.Alfano afterwards if it was possibly to use his little toy as an instrument in a band. Maybe use pots to cover the holes to make different sounds. It seemed like a good idea at the time. How I wish I had brought my camera to school.

Today was the first time in a LONG while where I didn't have volleyball and had to stay at co-op until 5pm. This will be going on for the rest of the year sadly...that's bad.
Luckily, I don't have to go in on Fridays because doctors don't like coming in on Fridays? haha ..That's good.
it's so cold still...that's bad.
Spring is coming soon!!! Which means sweet afternoons on Jesse's porch, just chillin and eating freezies....that is good.

Hahah I don't see how people don't like Windsor! Today, I talked to 2 random people at the bus stop about the Olympics while drinking my vanilla capaccino. One was a 35 year old Jamaican woman who just spent her first winter in Canada, and the second was a 75? ish year old man who was bundled up very tightly in many scarves lol and a long black coat which I really liked. Haha reminded me of a black and white movie for some reason..the coat. But yeah, neither of us felt awkward talking to one another. Except at one point when the lady asked if it was true that women are more determined than men. I had no idea what to say....because it applies very differently between certain people.

*yawns* I need sleep.
Nighty night,

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Monday, February 6th, 2006
10:26 pm - Do you have any books on....hardcore!?!
Today was SO long.
Tomorrow's probably going to be even longer.
But, today was also sweet. haha very eventful. Had volleyball afterschool, where we did a diving drill and I ended up skidding haha Wow, I now have less skin on my elbow and part of my leg. That all reminds me of snowboarding. I think I'm going to visit my sister sometime soon in Calgary and we are going to go on a snowboarding trip. Can't wait!
When I finally got home, I went out in the garage to go get something to drink, and what happens to me out of all the other things that could happen? I get locked out of the house in my garage with no shoes and no keys. LUCKILY! I had my cell phone with me. So that was good. But wow! Out of the 16 years I've stayed at that house, the garage door that is connected to the house has never been locked. So I was really surprised when it was today. I ended up having to walk outside in the snow, which wasn't that sweet, to see if the front door was possibly unlocked...and of course, it wasn't. So I had fun waiting in the garage by myself for my dad to come home. I found some real sweet stuff there. I didn't feel the need to go digging deep into anything, because I did not want to find some creepy squirrel living in a box or something. That moment reminded me of a movie or tv show or something like that, because they always show stuff where the kid goes cleaning out the grandmothers attic to find like...a whole bunch of sweet stuff from when they were kids. Maybe I'll get a few stories from my grandparents from this little experience.

Ohh man, I think my brother is buying us tickets to see Saturday Night's Special Event for WWE. haha hopefully it's good. Right now I find so many people in that business to be real urgh hahah
Back to studying!


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Saturday, November 12th, 2005
11:01 pm - I wish this could be me
Blue Devils
The Blue Devils

Which DCI Drum Corps are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hahaha that's hilarious. I guess it's good that I have a Blue Devils cd case from Tyler to match!

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Friday, November 11th, 2005
9:48 pm - This probably won't make any sense because I'm SO out of it...sorry!
randomhero_who's LJ stalker is cookiebandits!
cookiebandits is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also in jail for murder!

LiveJournal Username:

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Today...was Rememberance Day. Many bad things happened...but then many good things happened. But the day ended up being an amazing Friday. It was my moms birthday, so that was sweet. Everyone said happy birthday and afterschool, I called her and Jesse Fellows said happy birthday...then I sang to her in english, chinese, french and spanish. I need to learn more languages...or at least the song Happy Birthday. That would be sick!

Hung out with the bros at the Kennedy vs Riverside football game and then the Catholic Central vs Sandwich game. It was super cold outside, so I was just cuddling up to anyone who was next to me. And when I didn't have someone to keep me warm on both sides...I'd just be like...Ohh jeeze, I'm going to die...and shiver myself to death. I laughed...deep inside. Haha
Nate and Cam and Sabrina drawing hearts and writing names on my arm....I now have Robin! Penis Mullet?? Dont ask...I wouldnt consider trying to picture it either hahaha then Sabrina+Diana and Cam. And that was it. OHhh I had another rehearsal for the Talent Show afterschool and apparently...Jesse said the only pointer I needed was to be as amazing as I was then. If that didn't make any sense...sorry...I'm EXTrEMELY tired and have band practice in the morning. :( But don't worry, I LOVE band!
OHh Jesse and I were waiting for Mike, Chris and Joey to finish swim practice so I thought we should go to the dollar store and waste our time there. O_o It's AMAZING there. Hahah I never knew a whoopee cushion would satisfy my need for entertainment SO much. HAHHA it was sweet. : ^D <----hahah that looks like a person...and I need sleep...and a life. :S
The last thing I can think of is all of us just going to Dougs house afterwards and laughing at the stupidest things ever. Hahahah Tyler is so weird! it's hilarious! That is why I love him to death. But then I don't, because he said I was a bad parent :( *shakes fist*

NOT sleeping right now
Freezing my bottom off at the game...but it wasn't THAT bad
The "situation" at school involving a certain group of people who I would rather not mention lol
Not really eating dinner tonight. Fries and a massive amount of ketchup definetly doesn't count
Kennedy LOSING!!!! *BIG thumbs down* :S
Not being able to thing properly right now

Well..to end this....rememberance day is a wonderful day to remember. After hearing Ms.Hargreaves' story about her locket...it really got me thinking about how MY grandfather was in the war...and if he wasn't alive...I wouldn't be alive...and my mom would not have moved from China to live in Windsor...and I wouldn't have to spend November 11th as Rememberance Day. And that was definetly NOT me singing Amazing Grace on the announcements at 11 in the pm. That was Kim Orr...I am not a Kim(berly) or an Orr. No relation. But ohh well....*shrugs* I found out some people are EXTREMELY disrespectful about today...and I just myself mad over it for no reason. Argh *shakes fist* ...I've never done that motion in my life SO much! hahah anyways...it's super late..and I must wake up in approximately 7hours. So nighty night all.

Love Always,

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
3:14 pm - Why is such a riot in France?
I keep watching the news to find out what's going on in France...but I never get a complete answer. It's horrible how something like this could happen all of a sudden, and a lot of people around the world are unaware of it's happening. I guess I'll just have to stay glued to the tube.

Ahh today was sweeet! Some parts weren't as good as they could be, but in altogether, it was sweet.

Started off the day by going into the library with Katia and Lana to study for Chemistry. I studied SO hard on that test, and I think I did amazing well on it. :D I've also learned that no matter how small the assignment, you should complete it, because when handed in, it can change your mark dramatically. My marks aren't amazing, except for housing where I have a 98% :D, but I've started to buckle down in a sense, and have been improving everything I do.
Man, I'm doing so many things right now...at the moment I can handle it, but further on into the year, I have no idea how I'm going to handle everything.

Co-op-Monday to Thursday from 1:45-5pm (lately I've been taking time off for talent show rehearsals)
Talent Show Rehearsals-usually 3-4pm everyday YOU SHOULD COME!!! and be amazed hehe
Forum-I didn't know the Special Events Convenor had so much work to do. :S It's so much fun, but TONS of work. Kennedians, you will LOVE ice skating this year. I'm going to try and make it as sweet as possible. Does hot chocolate sound good? To me it surely does. Reminds me, I should get my skates sharpened. (hahah and Marybeth, it made me laugh SO hard when you thought I was talking about me taking up ice skating. You seemed extremely concerned for my well being, and I loved it. No, I'm not taking up figure skating again. That is a thing of the past! maybe hehe)
Voice Lessons-Mondays at 8pm (which means I have to practice at least 1hr each day)
Curling!!!-games start at 4pm (...but leaving school depends on how far the games are)
Volleyball-Starts SO soon!! <3 There's no way I'm dropping this. Either be right afterschool from 2:50-4pm or 4-5pm
Homework-I've had project after project and millions of test! :S
1 hours with my dad- I've started this thing where my dad teaches me for one hour once a week about religion and how the world works. Haha its cool. Nice to know what he's thinking. It'll be good for me when I grow up and have to live on my own.
Saturday Mornings- Spirit of WIndsor Marching Band!!!!! I'm in the drumline, so I HAVE to go...or else, there's no sweet beat. hehe
FRIDAYS-That is for my friends, they've mainly been time to hang out and catch up with Marybeth, and then hang out with the guys.
Also, Nate,Meg and I have been filming a tribute to The Brendan Leonard Show! So that takes up a lot of my Saturday evening. (For Mikes upcoming Film Festival!!! I'm so excited..YOU should be excited)

Well, I have to go write my dad some letter, so I'm going to peace! AHH and I have to study for Biology and Math Too!!! Ohh well, maths easy. And I'm beginning to get Biology. It's sweet. I'm happy. I keep thinking about how sweet Friday was. Ohh well...I'm going to bring my keyboard to my room and study like a shizzle.

Nighty Night,
I love you all!! <3

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
6:16 pm
Life has been sweet lately. Curling. Friends...volleyball!!!
So this past week has been amazing. Especially the halloween Kennedy/Walkerville dance. Met many sweet and memorable people there. Yesterday was amazing. Don't really remember what I did at school, but I went to co-op, then was suppose to come back to school for 3pm for talent show rehearsals...but I guess they cancelled. I ended up hanging out with Jesse and Danielle who were studying Physics. Haha it's funny because we're studying pretty much the exact same stuff. Talked to Alina. Nate and Mike finished the play practice and we went off to curling! You have no idea how excited I was to go!!! :D It was amazing. haha It's so fun. I even have new shoes which I have decided will be my curling/volleyball/track and field shoes.

Hmm curling. I think I've gotten better at that game! Thats good. I swept the whole time. Thats bad. Nates dad played with us. That's good. He played for the opposite team. That's bad. We saw how amazing Mr.Lesperance is at curling. That's good. He beat us like those whacking dolls you can buy to release your anger. That's bad. I think you get the jist of it.

Went to Nates house afterwards where we actually studied!!! haha we amazed the Lesperance family. Hung out with Tyler which was sweet. I don't think we hang out enough...or at least for my own good. Tyler was practicing the Grid. He doesn't think it sounds great yet, but with all the practicing he does, he's almost 100% certain to make it. Especially with that much intensity and dedication :) haha I ended up calling Tyler when I got home because I felt bad for not saying goodbye when I left. How much do I suck? A Lot! hehe Haha I think I might call him to tell him I'm leaving next time because it seems to grab his attention well.

TOMORROW!!!! OMG SWEETSPOT SLEEPOVER!!!!! :D I've been waiting for this night for a million days!!!! hehe For all who do not know, it is the Spirit of Windsor Drumline ( I play the bass drum) and we are getting together to practice at Mikes house because we're sweet like that. Who wouldn't want a sleepover where you practice your parts all night long? And get sweet chops! heheh Grr Tyler has been telling me that him and Mike have been talking about the drumline and all the people and their potential and stuff like that. But he's been telling me and getting me all excited over it...but NOT telling me he's saying about me! You'd be nervous too. hehe *shakes fist* Anyways, Friday and Saturday should be amazing. I'm once again going home with Tyler on Saturday to do some filming with my friends. We're re-making a BLS video! If you have heard of the Brendan Leonard Show...which very few people have..you are AWESOME! p.s. Meg! Call me tomorrow!!! Anyways, I absolutely need sleep...badly. lol SO i am off to bed...hopefully. Who knew curling could be so much harm to the body? Not I.
Nighty Night,

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
8:30 pm
Reading Micah's lj has inspired me to write one of my own...after not writing on for a long time! But yeah, I DO just love being with him. And yeah, I enjoy just talking to him about nothing, but it means something so meaningful in the long run. I wish I could just make him that...something...in my conversations with friends, so that when he hears about them later on in the day, he'll feel so high in the clouds. I've noticed that my friends seem to have a big influence on my decisions that I make, so I'm going to try and make one for myself this time. Do something spontaneous. Something noone will know about till *BAM* it's just there... SO yeah...if you weren't me right now at this moment in my life,you will have no idea what I'm talking about. I've been feeling depressed for a numerous amount of reasons this week, but I'm guessing it's mostly from the lack of sleep I've received. Mr.Eastman even stopped me in the halls on Friday to talk to me because he said that I had been looking "stressed" the whole week. I'm glad that he cares so much. That made me feel better. But I'm doing better at the moment. SO much homework at the moment, which is a portion of my misery. The load with such a great percentage attached to them makes them seem so much harder and that much more important.

HAHah wow...I'm not really AS depressed as I say. I've had so many amazing things happen to me this week actually. Bought Marybeth at an auction! Went to Value Village!!! And I bought my tinkerbell costume which is going to be so sweet...hopefully lol :D Got my yearbook finally, and I was surprised I was actually in it hahah hmm what else? ohh the Walkerville/Kennedy school dance on Friday lol That should be fun and EXTREMELY crowded. Hopefully I will be able to go to Riverside on Friday as well. Wear my cheese gradder outfit to win the costume contest! "hahah and this winner is LA Fromage!!! CongratulationS...whoo are you anyways? Do you even GO to this school!?!" ANd yes..that is my story. Halloween on Monday!

Ohh I ended up going to Megs on Saturday which was extremely fun. WHOA! I totally forgot I was writing this but yeah...ate green cherries mmmm...played some video games and chilled. Helped Megs mom get ready to go out on the town on her date. hehe :D Well,I must finish my homework now so peace!

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
8:21 pm - your dad...or some kind of new mp3 player or something
So this has been pretty much an amazing week!
1)I was actually allowed to go to the Silverstein show on Thursday. I found out that I like Silverstein, but "the lead singer reads at a grade 2 level". Blurt was friggen AMAZING!!! Pulled off Joey playing on Jesse's shoulders!
2)I figured out I'm only EXTREMELY clumsy all the time when I'm with Marybeth. I need to fix that.
3)Went to Jesse's after school and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which I love and haven't seen in forever! So I enjoyed that.
4)Went to the grade 9 orienation dance haha. That was fun. But it was really weird. Angie took a pic of me for the yearbook! :)
5)Last NDS show on Saturday! All the bands that I actually watched were sweet. bought some more Blurt and NDS shirts.
6)My mom actually let me stay out pretty late 3 nights in a row. That has never happened before. And if it has..it was an accident.

Well, I must finish my studying of the physics. And talk to Chelsea, because we need to solve this pirate business.

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
12:10 am - Brodown!!! Goodbye Tyler! <3
Hmm..well, all I have to say about today is WOW!

For pretty much the whole morning, we had the grade 9 orientation assembly *thumbs down* It kinda sucked. Everyone was trying to mimic the other orientation skits...but that just totally didn't work out as planned. Some we're good...but the greater percentage of them weren't.

SO yes! Onto the fun stuff! Walked with Joey after school to Jesse Fellows house (hah I like how I write his whole name). There we watched 2 things. One being the SWEET Freestyle video..I really want to meet Supernatural and Craig-G for sure one day...and 2 being the little grade school children walking by Jesse's cat. The cat loved the first kids that walked by...but gave the cold shoulder to the two little girls who were skipping and holding hands. It was like "There's only room for so much in this party! And you're not invited!" hahah Afterwards, we walked to Tyler's house and chilled there for the rest of the night.
Highlights were:
**being launched by Tyler and Nate on the trampoline**
**Helping/Watching Tyler and Jesse make a design for Tylers bass drum. Ahh and it looks really good too**
**kneeing myself in the face 3 times that night...and spraining my knee. I was banned from that...but ohh wel..my leg was fine. Not as bad as it sounds**
***My heart being broken in more ways than one : (***
**Marybeth's amazing brownies. Can't wait to make some with her one day : )**
**HAHHA Nate, Jesse and Joey being Pokemon characters. Haha wow! That was TOO funny**
**Nate pretending to be a dolphin**
**remembering how Micah was NOT coming to visit...when we were talking about upcoming shows that were going to be totally sweet! Like Sydney and SILVERSTEIN!!!**
**laying down and chatting...and all that other crazy shizzle on the trampoline**
**Hahah "I think I'm having 1/8th of a women's orgasm right now" haha and "Are you too Raymond?"**
**Sweet Bro pics!!!!**
**playing volleyball with Marybeth and Nate on the front lawn**
**Anthony going flying into the chair after launching me up**
**Talking with Raymond, Isaac and Jesse and making rain noises Hahahhah who knew people could do that!?!**

Hmm...I probably missed a MILLION things. So much went on, and it was so amazing. I don't know if any other night can compare to a complete brodown night. So Tyler is leaving for tour tomorrow. Luckily I'll see him before he leaves on tour. They're new shirt designs are super sweet and they actually have girls tees!!! So if you are a girl...or are smaller than I am...they have shirts that fit perfectly!!! AND are pre-shrunked!! I just figured out I haven't eaten all day...so I'm gonna go eat some chicken noodle soup...and my neck kinda hurts from one of the crazy landings. I also feel like I'm still bouncing...can't jump properly yet and I think I'm imagining myself getting dizzy. I should steer clear of trampolines...but once you go on...it's addicting!!! But yes, band practice tomorrow morning, which I'm really looking forward to and I need SLEEP!!!


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